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It is an ideal tool for service and installation companies to manage orders.

System side strengths

  • architecture based on cloud technologies
  • running in the cloud (VPS) or on-promise
  • High scalability
  • Customization of functions to individual needs
  • Integration with CRM, ERP, etc ...
  • Customization of appearance

Strengths of cooperation

  • Solid and precise implementation analysis
  • Fast and efficient implementation
  • SLA at 99.9%
  • Technical support and training
  • Low license maintenance costs
  • Updates included


Himes has four main work modules

Website management

The main assumption of the so-called The service module is to facilitate the flow of information. Using the service module enables faster and more accurate execution of orders. The system allows you to assign a specific service technician to an order and provide him with the information he needs to get started. The service module also allows remote transmission of documentation to the service technician, such as: technical documentation or warranty card. After completing the order in the system, the user sees all the data supplemented by a service technician, on the basis of which he can prepare a report of closed orders in a given month.

After the visit, service technicians can generate an electronic receipt report on the mobile device and obtain the client's signature, which will then be added to the report in an electronic version or on a pdf printout.

Easy attachment of photos as documentation of the completed order is a very useful functionality. Photographic documentation of the existing condition of the device or installation, followed by repairs is very helpful in reporting and possible complaint process.  

In the reports panel you can generate charts and statistics. A wide range of options and filters gives you extensive data analysis capabilities. The most defective installation components, the most common repairs, repaired devices and many more ...

Maps in the system give the opportunity to locate facilities and service technicians. This allows easier planning of visits, location and verification of service technicians' stay. The coordinator can supervise the location and work of service technicians equipped with the Himes mobile application with GPS enabled. 

The system has the ability to monitor inventory at individual service technicians. This enables, among others, collecting the most commonly used devices during installation and their parameters such as price, quantity, etc.

Through web access, clients can outsource work, accept costs as well as monitor their progress. This significantly reduces the need to service customers in the field of implemented orders.

Project management

Irreplaceable support for work on long-term projects such as new installations or extensive reconstruction. The module enables detailed planning and control of work carried out. Sentences for individual employees, cost control, monitoring of work progress. In addition - a full history of the course with the ability to attach documentation. All this means that thanks to Himes you will have processes under control. 

The system allows documentation of activities carried out in the project. You can also add any documents related to implementation. They remain in one place and are useful e.g. in further servicing of the facility.

For projects, you can define the appropriate structure and hierarchy of permissions in terms of approving individual elements including costs. (E.g. departments, people, positions)

The system allows strict financial control at every stage of the project. In addition, it is possible to define automatic calculation mechanisms that monitor the project budget.

It is possible to assign tasks to individual employees, depending on the work performed, you can assign tasks to any user in the system.

The system records the entire process of order execution from individual orders, costs to final settlements and the financial result obtained on the project.

Document circulation and archiving

Convenient document assignment to company processes. The module allows you to freely define the rules of document flow in the company. Among other things, it allows for multi-level verification of correct documents, receiving e-invoices via email, and even enables the correct reading of an invoice via OCR software, which, based on the data on the invoice, assigns it to the appropriate process.

An extensive wizard allows you to assign a document to the appropriate process based on previously completed data in the first step of document registration.

Automatic download of documents (attachments) from an e-mail and postponement to the path.

The system, based on the entered data for the electronic circulation of documents, can properly enforce the assignment and acceptance of users.


The module allows for meticulous categorization of contractors and suppliers in the system, thanks to which you will have all the information at hand.

Thanks to the logistics module, we can expand the network of our contractors and complete the most necessary data such as payment deadline, tax identification number as well as contact details.


Convenient and functional mobile application for service technicians

Mobility above all

An integral part of the HIMES system is the mobile application for service and installers. It is an application developed for many years, thanks to which it takes into account the experience of many companies. It is a very versatile and handy application that can be used in various customer service models.

Each service technician has a list of orders assigned to him, where he sees the tasks assigned to him, and thanks to the incoming notifications on the phone of the service technician he is always up to date with new orders.

In addition to the classic view of the order list, the service technician also has the option of seeing his orders via the calendar and the entire schedule of the upcoming week.

The mobile application also has a map of service technician's orders so that the application user always gets to his destination.

The mobile application allows you to generate a work receipt that replaces the paper one, and thanks to the electronic signature we do not have to print it, we only have it in digital form.

The mobile application can also work offline without internet access, the work process will not be interrupted and the service technician will still be able to enjoy completing the data on the application. As soon as you gain access to the network, all data will be sent.