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Remote Video Surveillance

Remote video surveillance is a modern model of security with cameras and the use of a remote Alarm Monitoring Center.

This form of protection uses analytical systems i is linked to alarm systems. This allows you to quickly check what is happening in different parts of the monitored facility.

Remote video surveillance is two main services:

Monitoring center to the next level

We will discuss ways to quickly upgrade your monitoring center without incurring high costs for equipment and necessary infrastructure.

I will present you with variants that you can quickly use to get the desired effect.

Together we will discuss a step-by-step action plan to suit your time and organizational capabilities.

Upgrade physical security services

I will show you a suite of turnkey digital solutions for physical security, consisting of electronic documentation and a dedicated mobile app.

We will discuss how you could use this in your business and what benefits it will bring you.

You are cordially invited

During the video call, our specialist with more than 25 years of experience in monitoring stations will ask you a few questions to see how Safestar will facilitate and reduce costs in your business. You will also see how our customers use the software.

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