Virtual Monitoring Centre

for any security agency

Take advantage of the latest technologies

Convenient and secure

Safestar is a convenient and secure solution for monitoring centres. We built it using the latest cloud-based technology.

Browser-based operation
You operate the system directly in a web browser, without having to install additional software. And you have everything ready, no need to worry about servers.
Available at any time

You no longer need complex hardware, servers and a large server room. With Safestar you can set up a modern monitoring centre at any time.

Alarm monitoring

The operators’ console is your event centre

You will gain control over the security of the protected sites and the most important information which will speed up making necessary decisions.

The console enables, for example:

Video surveillance

Keep an eye on what matters most

Remote video surveillance is a modern model of camera-based protection. At the moment of an event you will see the image from the camera closest to you.

This form of protection uses analytics systems and is linked to alarm systems. This allows you to quickly check what is happening in different parts of the monitored site.

Remote video surveillance comprises two main services:


Virtual tour of the site

Video patrol in Safestar is optimised video surveillance with extremely high efficiency. It makes it possible to reduce the number of guards on the protected site without compromising its security.

It is based on algorithms that allow specific images to be presented at specific times. You can flexibly configure the video patrol and decide when the operator sees a particular image and detailed information.

Video verification

Reduce false alarms​

Safestar video verification allows you to quickly confirm whether an alarm requires intervention. Industry statistics show that up to 95% of alarms in monitoring centres are false alarms.

With Safestar video verification, you can quickly verify if an alarm requires intervention by viewing:

GPS monitoring

Always be up to date

Safestar’s GPS monitoring enables you to keep an eye on the protected person or the vehicle they are travelling in. In addition, you can check where the guard is at any given moment.

The system, based on signals from locators, presents them on a digital map. Moreover, you get information about the speed of movement, fuel consumption, engine revolutions and many other relevant data.

Speakers and intercoms

VoIP technology in security

If you want to reduce the number of security guards in your facility, find the right solutions to replace all the work they do. One of them is voice communication.

Installing the right SIP devices and activating the VoIP module in Safestar give you the possibility of transmitting messages through the monitoring centre operator.

IP speakers

Through IP speakers located in the protected facilities, messages can be broadcast live or played back from recordings. This way, an intruder on the premises will be informed that he/she has been spotted and will not avoid responsibility.

IP intercoms

Additionally, you can use an IP intercom. Thanks to this you can replace the doorkeeper and reception staff, serving your guests remotely from the monitoring centre. You can easily open doors, gates or barriers on the premises of the monitored facility.