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Data security

Physical security

We place servers and receiving devices in special server rooms, which meet strict security standards. The Safestar infrastructure is located in 2 server rooms within the European Union to protect your data in the event of random events such as fire. This ensures that your data is safe and that no event can cause data loss or system downtime for an extended period of time.

Cyber security

We protect the system and user data from threats that exist in the digital space. We use professional and proven firewalls and advanced mechanisms that protect against hacking attacks. Data and passwords are encrypted, which strengthens the level of protection.


We create backups – each data backup is an additional security measure. Safestar automatically backs up your data every day, so you do not have to remember to do it yourself. However, users can make additional copies of their data at any time by simply using the data export function. They can download the data to their computer drive.

Internal procedures

Internal procedures regulate the rules of access to infrastructure, collected data and performed programming work. We have compiled them in our ISO 27001 Information Security Management System. The procedures also take into account the principles of personal data processing to meet the requirements of GDPR regulations.

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Password strength control

The basis for secure access to any IT system is a password. To ensure peace of mind, a password should be strong enough. Ideally, it should consist of a sequence of letters, numbers and special characters. Safestar controls the strength of your password automatically.

IP address filter

The IP address filtering feature allows users to log into the system only from a device that is associated with a specific IP address. Only employees who use specific equipment and specific locations can access the Safestar system.

Two-step login

Two-step login provides an even higher level of security. This involves confirming the identity of the user logging into the system with another device, such as an SMS or a token.

Access levels

With Safestar, you can create different user profiles and assign appropriate rights in order for them to perform their duties. This solution makes it easier to control employee access to specific modules, groups of objects or system functionality.

GDPR in Safestar

Technical and organisational measures

To ensure the security of data transmission, we provide standard technical and organisational measures appropriate to the degree of security threat to the services provided, in particular measures to prevent unauthorised persons from obtaining and modifying personal data transmitted over the Internet. 

Transmission encryption

The transmission of customer data from the system to the customer’s terminal device is encrypted using protocols that secure the transmission of data streams (Secure Socket Layer or similar). 

Data encryption

The system utilises selected cryptographic security techniques for selected customer data or system access data (passwords of the Administrator and the End Users).


Backups are made to secure customer data entered into the system or other data stored in the system databases

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