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Who is Safestar for?

For security agencies and companies

Safestar is the ideal tool for security monitoring wherever you are faced with the protection of multiple sites spread across the country or the world.

For small and large businesses

No matter what size your business is, Safestar will give you what is most important to you: the feeling that you can focus on your work. Security is taken care of with an easy to use and reliable system.

Not just for experts
Our technical support can provide expertise at any time through online training and consultation, so you can get 100% of Safestar potential as soon as possible!

Is this also your problem?

Join us for a conversation to discuss how modern technology can help your security agency grow.

Check how many possibilities Safestar gives you

Instead of several different solutions, you get one integrated system. You can easily swap the old style of protection for modern e-protection.

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Virtual Monitoring Centre

Everything you need to provide professional video, alarm and GPS monitoring services.

For physical protection

Win with modern technologies. Run electronic service books and other professional solutions.

Mobile applications

Modernise customer service and the work of your own services by giving mobile access to data.

Alerts and reports

Save time and gain peace of mind by automating information and reporting processes.

For technical service

Your service and maintenance will always work as planned.


At Safestar, your and your customers’ data is well protected. This is our priority.

Why is Safestar the right choice?

From PLN 250 per month
The system is launched free of charge and the minimum subscription price allows you to start using the system without incurring high costs.
Simplicity and reliability

It’s always ready to use. You don’t have to install or update it. You simply log in and work. Our specialists watch over its correct operation 24/7.

Process automation

You will save time on paperwork, e.g. preparing statements and reports for customers. They will be done and sent automatically.

Complete independence
We take you “by the hand” from the moment you set up your account through data migration and training until you start using the system on your own.
Technical support
You will get access to the latest knowledge, standards and training. Your questions and problems will be handled by high-class specialists.
Full security

Safestar provides full data security based on the latest standards, ISO 27001 information security management system and GDPR regulations.

Safestar means a lot of satisfied customers

Try Safestar for free

Try Safestar for free for as long as you need. When you reach the limits of the sites you can handle in the Free version, you can easily upgrade to a larger package.

Number of objects that can be handled free of charge in the Free version: