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The SafestarGO application is dedicated to customers of security companies who use monitoring. It allows you to independently view: the site, the status of the alarm system, the image from cameras, as well as check information on the occupied position in the case of moving objects.

Receive and transmit alarms

The SOS button is a function that provides a sense of security. It allows you to quickly inform the monitoring centre of a threat that has occurred. It is an element of personal monitoring that increases the safety of the SafestarGO app user.

The application is interactive. Users can not only view information, but also perform activities related to the protection of the facility. This relieves the monitoring centre and gives customers a sense of security.

Control systems and stay in touch

SafestarGO’s interactive functionalities include:


Mobile working tool for physical protection, patrols and service

Security staff

Security staff use the following functions of the application:

Intervention patrols

The Safestar Patrol application is also used to perform monitoring and intervention services in the absence of a monitoring centre with an operator. The system can transmit the alarm with all the necessary information directly to the application – so the intervention patrol can handle the alarm and intervene on its own.

Intervention patrols can use the following functions:

Service technicians

Service technicians use:

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